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New choir windows in the Lutherkirche Markkleeberg

At the beginning of May 2024, we were able to successfully complete our work on the Lutherkirche Markkleeberg and hand over two new choir windows to the Luther congregation, which were ceremoniously consecrated on 12 May 2024.

As a graphic designer, Matthis Klemm has made a significant contribution to enriching the Lutherkirche Markkleeberg with a perfect work of art that incorporates religious content without dominating free aesthetic perception.

A harmonious interplay of warm, earthy basic tones forms the canvas for Klemm's artistic vision. In spring 2022, work began on the initial ideas for the altar windows, which were to embody the themes of freedom and love.

Realisation in the workshop began in August 2023 and lasted until January 2024, with technical feats accomplished to bring Klemm's vision to life. The isothermal protective glazing not only ensures the safety of the artwork, but also its longevity. (The use of up to 40 different types of genuine antique glass creates a fascinating variety of colours and vibrancy.

Each window consists of up to 350 partial templates that are perfectly colour-coordinated. The black solder painting, fired at 600 °C, gives the altar windows an unmistakable depth and contour. The final sublimation of the letter width to a specified width of 30 mm lends the work additional sophistication.

Matthis Klemm's artwork is not only the result of his artistic talent, but also the product of a dedicated community of employees and specialised companies. They deserve special thanks for their contribution to the creation of the two altar windows, which the Lutherkirche Markkleeberg can now proudly call its own.

Matthias Klemm and Domglas Naumburg have enjoyed a long and fruitful friendship, which has already led to the realisation of windows in a Lutheran Protestant church in faraway Vladivostok.

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