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Our projects

The list of projects listed is diverse. Our work corresponds to the stylistic and technical developments of the time. Get an idea of our work based on the selected projects. 

Kat. Kirche Prerow


  • Catholic Church in Naumburg

  • Restaurant Paulaner Leipzig

  • several Catholic churches in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania


  • Sportschule Leipzig based on designs by Gert Pötzschig

  • Working with Arno Rink 

  • Hotel Rossia; Moscow

  • Medical centers in Schwerin and Waren ad Müritz

  • Children home in Neubrandenburg

  • Resort in Templin

  • several catholic and protestant churches

Werkstatt Gartenstraße
Kat. Kirche


  • Holiday home Ahrenshoop

  • Palace of Culture Kuwait

  • Hotel “International” Leipzig

  • Vilnius Opera House

  • Hotel "Bellevue" Dresden


  • Lamps Hotel "Neptun" Warnemünde

  • Lamps Hotel "Astoria" Leipzig

  • Erfurt Wedding House

  • "Großer Dresch"medical center in Schwerin

  • Lamps Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin 

Großer Dresch
St.-Annen-Kirche Crussow


  • Nordhausen: Museum

  • Altmark: several Catholic churches

  • Torgau: medical center

  • Altar window in Stolpe


  • Naumburg: Federal Language School

  • Thuringia: several churches

  • various churches in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

  • Naumburg: Wenceslas Church

  • Bad Kösen: Rudelsburg and "Brave Knight"

  • Diakonie Johannisstift Evan. hospital

Referenzen 85-90
Neo Rauch Naumburger Dom


  • Krollwitz: Clinic

  • Zeitz: Monastery Church and Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

  • Eichsfeld: various churches

  • Halle and Leipzig: private town houses

  • Jena: Fraunhofer Institute


  • Freyburg: sparkling wine cellars

  • Freyburg Winzergenossenschaft Building-related art based on in-house designs

  • St. Marien Droßzig according to own designs

  • Weißenfels: Castle Church and Marienkirche

  • Merseburg: Cathedral cloister

  • Naumburg Cathedral – Elisabeth Chapel, Neo Rauch

Winzergenossenschaft Freyburg
Merseburger Dom


  • 3 construction phases in Vladivostok

  • Fraunhofer Foundation Halle

  • Zeitz Cathedral, Michaelis Church Zeitz

  • Naumburg Cathedral ship window, Johanniskirche, Klausur 

  • Merseburg Cathedral nave window, royal crypt

  • Stephen Cathedral Vienna

  • District Court Weißenfels and Magdeburg

  • various small regional churches


  • Friends of Müchel

  • Works based on drafts by the artist Hr. Ebersbach, Leipzig

  • various churches in Thuringia

  • town houses

  • art exhibitions

Jesus Hofmann 1910
Kunst-am-Bau Digitaldruck


  • First work with digital UV direct printing

  • City villa Meerane

  • various churches in Thuringia

  • United Cathedral Donors

  • Industrial glazing in the elevator area

  • Safety glass partitions

  • Entrance areas made of multi-pane safety glass

accompanying long-term projects 

from 1978 - 2005

  • Restoration and protective glazing in the Gothic House of the Wörlitz Castle Park

  • 27 years of accompanying work as a specialist workshop, which was involved in the projects of the German Federal Foundation for the Environment under the work center for glass painting research of the CVMA

Eidgenossen Wörlitz
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