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Church window renovation in the Michaeliskirche Zeitz

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

First mentioned in a document in 1154, several architectural periods can be researched at St. Michael's Church.

We have been involved in the restoration of the church windows since 2014, starting with the lancet windows of the south façade, the sacristy and the library windows. Some of them were re-leaded, repaired and restored.

In spring 2015, the extensive work on the east and north windows continued. One focus was the severe stone damage. On the older lancet windows, the completion of missing and decomposed tracery elements was very time-consuming.

 St. Michael's Church Zeitz

Another construction phase in 2015 was the new windows of the nuns' chapel on the north-west façade. This devotional room served the nuns of the Zeitz Benedictine convent of St. Stephan in 1517. With its important wall painting, this small chapel has dignity. The spatial effect is completed with the daylight in the glass windows.

With the 4th construction phase, we are finishing our renovation work on the south-west windows and the exterior grilles.

As a stone church, Zeitz has a beautifully renovated main parish church.

Anyone visiting the church will see an impressive altar design in the interior. Everything appears coherent and calming.

As a beauty, the parish of St. Michael displays the "Salvator" by Lucas Cranach the Elder, a well-rounded overall concept of the restoration measures that took several years.

A job well done.

Thanks to the team

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