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Neo Rauch - Elisabeth Chapel in Naumburg Cathedral

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

In autumn 2007, Domglas Naumburg was entrusted by Naumburg Cathedral with the realisation of a work by the Leipzig artist Neo Rauch.

The depiction of Saint Elisabeth in 3 scenes.

The realisation of the designs represented a special house challenge. Not only because Neo Rauch is one of the best known representatives of the Leipzig School, no certainly not. Over the years, we have carried out many other works with renowned artists, such as for Arno Rink and others. Which always brings with it a special honour.

Neo Rauch & Domglas Naumburg

The selection of the coloured glass with the different shades of red and the implementation of the design were a very intense and exciting challenge from the very beginning.

After all, the colour red does not only stand for love or the beginning of all life. Red is one of the most intense and exciting colours.

The selected flashed glass is one of the most precious glasses in glass production. In the overlay technique, one or more layers of coloured glass are applied to a clear or solid-coloured carrier glass. The colour intensity is rarely homogeneous, as this mouth-blown genuine antique glass is still handmade. During production, the glass is blown into a cylinder and then rolled out flat. The wall then has a glass thickness of only 2 to 7 mm.

After the reopening of the Elisabeth Chapel in December 2007, with the presentation of the trilogy, the most diverse opinions were also brought to us. Art may and should be controversial, but anyone who has studied the history and suffering from Elisabeth should not comment on these depictions. Everyone should ask themselves whether they would also have made these sacrifices!

The production depicts the farewell, the donation of clothes and Elisabeth at the bedside of a leper.

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